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Elevating Your Furniture Experience with Recliner-Handles

Recliner-Handles is proud to be the official distributor and seller of Emomo products in the United States. Emomo Technologies, a leading innovator in intelligent furniture components, has entrusted Recliner-Handles to bring their smart furniture solutions directly to American homes. This means you can enjoy the quality, reliability, and smart features of Emomo products with the added benefit of exceptional local customer service and warranty support.

Beyond Distribution: Your One-Stop Shop for Smart Furniture Enhancements

Recliner-Handles goes beyond simply distributing Emomo products. We understand the needs of American consumers and strive to provide an accessible, local experience. Our team offers exceptional customer service to help you choose the perfect Emomo products for your furniture, whether it's a recliner upgrade, a massage chair enhancement, or a multifunctional cup holder. Additionally, Recliner-Handles provides warranty support, ensuring you have peace of mind with your purchase.

Click here for a list of Emomo Technologies products we currently keep in stock.

Emomo Parts Distributor

We carry a wide variety of Emomo parts, including popular models like:

  1. HX66P2UR
  2. HX90AZU-1/2/3
  3. HX66P2U(D)
  4. REMOP40LA-1/2
  5. B26RRL-HN-1/5
  7. HX66P2U2
  8. NHX032D2HL-1
  9. E201LHCWA-1/2/3
  10. ET_CE 3M
  11. LC0529
  12. CP01
  13. MC02S
  14. PC03
  15. E102C
  16. E102B
  17. E108
  18. E343
  19. E502URRW-1
  20. E503(E)
  21. E502URW-1
  22. E502UW
  23. E506P
  24. EK201BLX
  25. E5202USU2
  26. E527
  27. PH808-1
  28. PH808-2
  29. HX78A
  30. E717
  31. HX43HRLL-3
  32. 3ML270-115ZA
  33. ET_NHX03-LCD HC Control Box
  34. 3MR134-333ER
  35. 3MR134-333S
  36. AC cable
  37. E50C-1/4
  38. E732.5-2
  39. E503B(E)-B
  42. ET_Recliner RV Control Box - …
  43. E309P
  44. E309UP
  45. HX90AU
  46. E502URRW-1
  47. HX90TU2-1/2/3
  48. TRG9PA-1/2/3
  49. TRGI-1/2/3
  50. TRG9PAN-1/2/3
  51. 29V/2A
  52. UF2.2C
  53. ET_USB SP 5V BLK
  54. E503T-L
  55. PH808-4/5/6
  56. E504E(B)
  57. E506
  58. 39X(B)
  59. 3mL270-1152A
  60. NHX032D2HL-2
  61. HX43U24CRRL-1
  62. E535
  63. 35-02179

Recliner-Handles is the official Emomo distributor in the United States. We offer exceptional customer service, warranty support, and a variety of Emomo smart furniture components.